Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome

Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome allows the player to administer an Ancient Roman farm
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Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome is an arcade game in which the player administers an Ancient Roman farm. At the beginning you have only a goose. Nevertheless, by selling its produce to the market, you can gradually earn the money needed to buy more animals, construct and upgrade new buildings to process the produce, and gradually, along the 90 levels of increasing complexity in Career Mode, raise the dowry that Scarlett, the farm's owner, needs in order to marry a Roman general's son.

Players need to be careful, though, and continuously keep their animals well fed, lest they should die. For instance, players need to keep watering the land for grass to grow, which the geese will, in turn, eat. Likewise, produce and farm products not collected in time will vanish away. Moreover, barbarian bears can drop in at any time and destroy buildings, animals, and unsorted goods bringing an extra element of excitement in the game. Players can trap the bears, though, and sell them, too, at the market. If players want a more relaxed, goal-free experience, they can choose Endless Play Mode and enjoy it to their hearts' desire.

All in all, Farm Frenzy Ancient Rome is a pleasant game with delightful, bubbly graphics, whose play is prone to hold one well connected for a long time.

Josephine Seaman
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